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Our Basic Tenant for Allied Command


We are sharing various levels of life on this one planet. We call this time in space the Ascension Age.

We are welcoming those who want to support and volunteer their own services to humanity.

Where each person may fit into our dimensions and realms in 3D or a three dimensional setting depends on if they have taken on a body-mind-spirit container or vessel for space travel.

Basic Resources for World Leaders

Peace through Space Exploration and Defense as needed. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

ACO Finance Committee with the Founder of ACO Spiritual Center is sharing the

ACO Event Managers that desire to share in our ACO Network Media Partners.

We are a metaphysical group of practitioners for the humanoid species kind meeting on planet called earth.


American Communications Online


Ascension Center Organization


Ascension Age Program for Self-help in spiritual growth.


 speaking engagements and conferences that provide small businesses with the opportunity to learn ACO requirements and contracting opportunities. Our calendar includes events restricted to members who are authors and entrepreneurs that own a small business.


The founder Theresa J Morris wanted to share in content providing information about those she found to be honest and trustworthy in business about spiritual science, and leading future technologies.


Science Fiction and fantasy conferences were the first to offer Theresa a position on a panel and as a speaker and moderator.


Theresa shared her interests with others in space exploration and the questions she had about her own life after death experiences and what are called CE5 experiences.


Theresa wanted to know about these beings who have an interest in her life and intervene in her times of possibly leaving this level of existence.


This intervention made her wonder about where we all go with our memories when we pass from this dimension. besides our own.


Resources for research into the lives of others lead her to meet friends who were interested in her findings and research.


Questions by many were being asked about the ancient cultures and the pyramid builders. The beings who were in the spacecraft obviously not of earth origin and could appear and disappear in what appeared to be faster than the speed of light.


We were being faced with questions that certain levels of humanoid beings were asking. Not everyone on planet earth but many who had time to educate themselves about what was becoming obvious to Theresa based on the experiences that life on earth and off had provided her. The fact that she could write in English was at least a way she could express her own self to examine her own thoughts. She would write and encourage others to do the same Maybe by writing about that which were mysteries would be a way to meet other mystery writers.


Also, she had been interested in intuition, precognition, extra sensory perception and what the world called synergy and synchronicity. This energy that was about all of us on the planet could be recorded and found to serve a purpose. She found out this information with conversing with others in metaphysics had been written about for hundreds of years as the Akashic Field. Ervin Laszlo called it the A Field in science.


Theresa found out about particles and waves and quantum physics had become the study of that which was of the microcosm while cosmology had become the study of the macrocosm.


Learning about the humanoid species and how it interacts with all things plant, animal, mineral, and in space would be a reason to research and discover a new way of being human.  


We combine our resources knowing how hard it is to compete in the world with large marketing and advertising budgets of larger franchises, governments, and/or large businesses both profit and non-profit.


Do you have an event you want to promote? Email event details to 


ACO has adopted the principle of peace through knowledge and educational entertainment and training.


We share the world’s basic tenet.

“God Exists in all things we understand and cannot understand in our limited capacity as a humanoid sentient intelligent being”.

A principle or belief honored by a person or, more often, a group of people. “Seek pleasure and avoid pain” is a basic tenet of Hedonism. “God exists” is a tenet of most major religions. Tenet is pronounced “ten’it.” The word evolved from the Latin tenere “to hold.”


We have learned that pain and suffering of the humanoid species is to be regarded as a main theme.

e Avoid pain at all cost is a lesson of the humanoid species kind. We have learned that the driving force behind humanity is to avoid suffering and death. Therefore, we support health advocates for the importance of spiritual growth and to promote suicide preventions. We also support the fact that “Alien civilizations Exist!” Also, we believe in an immortal soul that empowers us all and know that our soul will live on throughout eternity. We believe in cosmology and that there are universes expanding and that we exist in one body-mind-soul guided by an electrical energy system which drives our life force in form so that we can gather intelligence and share communication of our findings that we co-create in an observer mode while being an active participant in a back drop we call a reality base in a third dimension. We also believe in many dimensions and many universes and share this in our programs to support life elsewhere while we desire to learn how to journey into space. We support life support as health advocates, educator’s scientific analysis and research together and come together in meet up groups, and conventions to share our findings as we research and become useful as authors and speakers and practice our speech craft with webinars online on the internet in cyberspace. We are authors, visual and performing artists, communications agents, communication consultants, instructors, speakers, publicists, practitioners and teachers. Psychic Multi-Dimensional Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Beings

An Overview Power Point Presentation

By: Theresa J Morris for Project Stargate to the Cosmos 2018

ACIR Assured Confidential Investigative Reports 1976- to present. ACIR Advisory Council Inter-Government Relations presents; Use what in the world – already prepared declassified

US SPACE Command by the United States of America

We are now traveling above the earth off this planet into the place from when we originated called space. Cosmology will be a main theme with all types of science including the classifications of spacecraft not of earth origin that we refer to as unknown foreign objects or UFOS. In the past we thought of flying objects we did not recognize as our own of this planet as flying saucers, foo fighters, and unknown flying objects. Near earth objects of any kind are referred to as a   NEO.

We are working with matter, anti-matter and dark matter as three (3) components in space. We are working with neutrons, protons, and electrons. Also, neutrinos, muons, and gluons We share mu and Tao as the smallest particles known to humankind. We have yet to reach the outer forces of our origin in space and know that there exists other planets and places in space to explore. We are explorers and want the answers to our questions. We now accept that there are many universes besides the one we know of that surrounds our own planet.

We will now divide our humanoid sentient intelligent being species into those who remain on the planet and those who will travel into space to discover the unknown.


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